Over 17 Percent Items May be More Expensive on Black Friday

Photo courtesy: WalletHub
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If you are excited about your shopping spree on Black Friday, think again. Over 17% of items will actually be more expensive on Black Friday than they currently are on Amazon.com, according to WalletHub.Americans are obsessed with deals. Why else do we camp outside our favorite stores after a big holiday feast or force ourselves awake at ungodly hours to browse the virtual shopping aisles? Truth is, many of us find pleasure in buying merchandise at the deepest discounts and knowing we beat our fellow sale-addicted shoppers to the punch.

But while Black Friday is traditionally associated with the best prices, we should pause from our spending and ask: How good of a deal am I really getting? According to the most recent holiday shopping survey from BestBlackFriday.com, 63 percent of respondents said Black Friday doesn’t offer the most unbeatable bargains of the year.

Photo courtesy: WalletHub
Photo courtesy: WalletHub

To separate myth from fact, WalletHub’s number crunchers compared pre- and actual Black Friday prices of a broad selection of items. Using the price difference of each item, they isolated the offers that are truly worth the hassle of participating in America’s biggest shopping craze. You can find our complete ranking of the best items to buy on Black Friday, expert commentary and a detailed methodology below.


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