Your spring beauty overhaul

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New Delhi– The sunshine is illuminating the earth and everywhere feels light, bright and whimsical again. KIKO MILANO Blossoming Beauty Collection celebrates that perfect moment when everything is coming to life and bursts of colour begin to appear.

Blooming Rose Body Shower Mousse, Rs 1090: As the season changes, it’s time for a skincare overhaul. Shed the heavy stuff and make way for lightweight, high impact products that bring out your inner beauty. Begin with an invigorating shower using Blooming Rose Body Shower Mousse, letting the soft rose floral aroma awaken your senses. Now it’s time to give your face your full attention.

Secret Garden Face Toner Rs 1090: Begin with Secret Garden Face Toner, applying to your face, neck and decollete for a refreshed feeling. Enriched with petals, it will have a hydrating and brightening effect that will help reveal a new complexion.

Refreshing Eyes & Face Serum Rs 1450: Reach for Refreshing Eyes & Face Serum in an easy to apply format. Roll across your face to reveal the perfect dose of a product designed to hydrate and refresh.

Hydrating Face Cream SPF 20, Rs 1690: Apply directly to your under-eye areas for a moisture-rich area. Finish with Hydrating Face Cream SPF 20, enriched with floral extracts and containing all UVB protection for skin that feels radiant and ready for the day ahead.

3-in-1 All Over Stick, Rs 1290: Create a perfect base with two products designed to deliver a look that feels effortlessly flawless. Pair 3-in-1 All Over Stick with Hydrating & Long Lasting Blurring effect Foundation combining a creamy, easy-to-blend base with hydrating blurred effect.

Multi-Finish Floral Blush, Rs 1890: Begin by dusting Multi-Finish Floral Blush to the apples of your cheeks, letting the extreme colour release enhance the natural radiance of your complexion, then create the first hint of sun-kissed radiance.

Romantic Shades of Face & Eyes Palette, Rs 2390: Romantic Shades of Face & Eyes Palette, places radiant, sheer colour in places that might catch the gentle springtime light.

Blooming Perfecting Powder, Rs 1890: Finish by sealing the look with Blooming Perfecting Powder, dusting lightly across places that might feel shiny as the day wears on. The powder will glide on effortlessly bringing a glowy finish to your skin and making your look last longer. Tuck the powder away in your bag for touch-ups if you end up enjoying a day outside as the day goes on. Use the 4-in-1 brush as one side is designed for face powder products: face powder, blusher and highlighter.

3-in-1 Eyeshadow & Eyepencil, Rs 1250: Intensify the look a little further by bringing more pigment to your lash line and waterline with a 12 hour long-lasting 3-in-1 Eyeshadow & Eyepencil. Use the matte eyeliner and kajal end for definition.

3-in-1 Mascara, Rs 1490: Now you’ve doubled down on colour, pick up a mascara that truly does it all: 12 hours long-lasting 3-in-1 Mascara, which creates volume, curl and length effects. The dramatic impact of volume effect delivered from one end and effortless length effect and definition from the other is guaranteed to do the most.

Long-lasting Matte Lipstick, Rs 1290: Select a springtime lip shade that will tell the world you’re ready to play again, whether that’s a vibrant pink or a rich, warm nude, and find a texture that you like to wear the most. For matte lip lovers, Long-lasting Matte Lipstick creates 8 hours of creamy textured colour and a filler effect for your lips, making them defined.

4-in-1 brush, Rs 1950: Use Kiko Milano’s magical 4-in-1 brush as one side is designed for face powder products: face powder, blusher and highlighter.

And just like that, your springtime beauty overhaul is complete – you’re in bloom! (IANS)


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