Which Ticket Have You Chosen for Your Hindi Manch Play “Begaani Shaadi Mein”: Fufaji, Jijaji, Barati or Atithi?

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BOSTON—Keeping up with humorous style and creative ideas, Hindi Manch has cleverly divided ticket categories for its upcoming play: Begaani Shaadi Mein, in four categories: Fufaji, Jijaji, Barati or Atithi. Alas! Saliji is missing. (Photos of cast and crew: Hindi Manch website)

Preetesh Srivastava

Fufaji, or platinum, obviously is the most expensive at $80 per person, followed by Jijaji (diamond) at $50, Barati (gold) at $35, and Atithi (silver) at $25.

Begaani Shaadi Mein will be staged on Sept. 9 at 5:00 pm and on Sept. 10th at 4:00 pm at Keefe Tech Auditorium in Framingham, MA. The caste will be different each day.

The play is written by Hindi Manch Founder and President Preetesh Shrivastava and is directed by him, Ajay Jaisingh and Rahul Joshi.

Mr. Shrivatava said that about 200 people are involved in this mega production. This includes crew members, actors, supporting team and stage management, among others.

“There is always a drama when it comes to Indian weddings in India. There are so many characters, and they all play important roles—some serious and some funny,” Mr. Shrivastava told INDIA New England News. “There is always a funny story. Very funny story.”

He said that Begaani Shaadi Mein plays upon all those iconic characters, including music, dance and the whole wedding ambience India-style.

“It is a satire on our system,” Mr. Shrivastava said. “It’s a Broadway-style show. We have paid attention to a lot of small details and things such as jyotish (astrologer), paan stall, and even ironing of clothes.”

The Begaani Shaadi Mein play is based on the namesake book, which is written by Mr. Shrivastava and will be released on Sept. 9 at the event. In 2012, he wrote Mirchi Cola, which was also staged as a play, and lately was translated into Kannada for play as well.

Hindi Manch is a non-profit organization, which focuses on promoting the heritage of Hindi and related languages like Urdu, Bhojpuri, Awadhi, Brij, Khariboli etc. to the next generation through literary sittings, theatre, cultural and musical events in the United States.

To buy a ticket for Begaani Shaadi Mein, please click here.


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