TiE-Boston Extends TyE Application Deadline for High Schooler to Aug. 10

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CAMBRIDGE, MA—TiE-Boston has extended the deadline for applying to TyE-Boston program for high schoolers to Aug. 10, according to TiE-Boston officials. Winners from TyE-Boston will participate in TYE Global Final Business Competition 2017. In addition, TiE-Boston gives away $10,000 in prize money to local winners.

TiE-Boston President Praveen Tailam
TiE-Boston President Praveen Tailam

“We have received overwhelming response for the TyE program,” said TiE-Boston President Praveen Tailam said. “However, we want to accommodate as many students as possible, and a lot of students and their parents are out because of summer vacations.  Many parents have requested us to extend the deadline and we are trying to accommodate them.”

The orginal deadline for application was July 29.

“We are excited to be able to accept 25 percent more students this year,” Pallavi Singh, Chair of TyE-Boston, told INDIA New England News last month. “We always get great applications, and hate turning away students.  Our ability to increase our class size so much this year is thanks to our dedicated teachers and mentors.”

A number of TyE-Boston teams have won in the global competition. Chillvax, the winning team from TyE-Boston 2016, won third place and $1,000 in prize money at the TyE Global Competition held in Portland, Oregon.  Chilvaxx strives to save lives by optimizing delivery of vaccines to rural areas with the aim to prevent disabilities and death due to lack of vaccines for preventable diseases.

For application and more information, visit: tye-boston.org .


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