So Mangolicious!

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New Delhi–What better time than now to indulge in mango based dessert. Summer is the ideal time to indulge in some healthy and cool refreshments. With the abundance of different varieties of mangoes we explore some interesting recipes out of India’s favourite summer fruit!

Loaded with nutrition and taste, this ripened pulpy fruit is all-in-all a dessert in itself. Grow with Kimaye, INI Farms shares drinks and dessert you can make out of mangoes at home!

All in for Aamras – This one goes without saying and is by far the easiest dessert you can make! Nothing beats this sweet and smooth flavour on a summer noon. It’s not just a sweet escape but is full of nutritional elements. They’re mostly made with sweet Alphonso mangoes for the natural sweet essence, so pick the right Mangoes before you blend them!

Fuse the Fizz – If you are looking for something fresh and light, Mango Fizz is the ultimate solution. While lemon soda may be the summer drink, you can always add some mango pulp to twist the taste! This perfect blend of soda, lemon, mint leaves and mango will leave you refreshed and all energised.

Make space for Cheesecake! – A mango cheesecake makes it a perfect summer dessert for those short get-togethers. The process of making a no-bake mango cheesecake is simple, easy, and delicious to devour! All you need are some rich flavoured mangoes, so make sure you pick good quality ones. A rich dessert requires rich fruits!

Blend it in a Milkshake – Summers are incomplete without these, aren’t they? If you love milkshakes, mangoes are your go-to fruit! Out of the very few fruits that blend well with milk, Mango happens to be one. So, make the most of this healthy choice! You can also blend in a few chocolate pieces and make it a Mango-chocolate shake.

Mango Kesari or Halwa – The season calls for something special, and if one can blend fruits into delicious recipes, then why not? The simple recipe of halwa with mango mixture can add up to the sweet flavour. It’s an easy recipe to try at home when you’re craving something sweet and fruity!

Time for Lassi – Last but not least, Mango lassi not just makes a tasty drink but also has major health benefits. The mixture of mango and yoghurt is healthy for your gut, helps in digestion and keeps your stomach cool. With minimal efforts, mango lassi is a must-have summer drink!

Fruit is a great way to get your dose of nutrients and vitamins. You can also add other fresh fruits like banana, grapes and pomegranates to make these recipes a little more fruit-full! (IANS)


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