Simple steps to beautify your abode

Photo courtesy: Kala Drishti Facebook
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New Delhi– It is always advisable to paint your house once you have completely shifted in and go for subtle colour schemes as it is easy to pull it off with all kinds of stuff inside, says an expert.

Anjali Jain, artist-owner, Kala Drishti, a trust for upcoming artists, shares a few tips to decorate your house in the most beautiful way:

Photo courtesy: Kala Drishti Facebook
Photo courtesy: Kala Drishti Facebook

* Pick your paint last: It is always advisable to paint your house once you have completely shifted in. There are thousands of paint colours with various tints, shades and tones. And you will want the colour that best compliments your upholstery, tables, artwork collections instead of the reverse. Pick the colour when your stuff is inside your house.

* Colour scheme: Try to go in for a subtle colour scheme as its simple and easy to pull it off with your all kinds of stuff inside.

* Give your furniture some breathing room: Avoid overcrowding your room with excess furniture. Keeping small pieces is more advisable than going for a big-huge stuff.

* Lanterns: Lanterns having classic shape brings elegance to any space, indoors or outdoors. Try hanging one over your dining table and feel the difference. Lanterns outdoors will give your guests, friends a good impression and a positive vibe when they come into your homes.

* Edit your collections: Do not just hang or keep any painting or artwork you wish. Make sure they go with the colour scheme of your room or the furniture or even the curtains you have hung. Select paintings or artwork according to the room size and area of the vacant spot.

* Long-full curtains: Curtains play a major part in creating a comfortable and intimate feel in the room so selecting the right kind of curtains is a must, be it the size or colour. So carefully chosen curtains not only smarten your home but give you a comfortable and friendly feel with enhanced privacy.

* Little tables: Petite round or square tables tucked near small armchairs will make a room more inviting and convenient. Light, small legs of the table will also make the room less crowded and pleasing.

* Extra cushions: The designs and size of the cushions can make or break your home d├ęcor. Also, be sure of the colour scheme you choose for your cushions. Cushions should compliment your room and make your guests comfortable. (IANS)


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