Be proud of unique quotient of Indian films: Neerja director

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Mumbai–Bollywood films are often compared to those in the west, but “Neerja” director Ram Madhvani says one should be “proud of all the unique quotient of our films”.

“Our film industry is growing and becoming better day by day. We should be proud of the unique quotient our films hold like incorporating songs, interval points that other industries don’t,” Madhvani said in a statement.

Neerja-poster-19Madhvani garnered plaudits for bringing the story of Neerja Bhanot, the air hostess who sacrificed her life while saving passengers on board hijacked Pan Am flight 73, to the silver screen via his directorial debut “Neerja” this year. The film will be telecast on Sunday on Star Gold channel.

He shares that the Indian film industry “comes up with really good stories and those are the stories we should be proud about”.

At a time when Hollywood films are giving tough competition to Bollywood films in India, Madhvani dismisses any threat, saying: “This year has been good for Bollywood films as well. Many films made huge successes at the box office.

“There would be a threat when just their films did well and our films did not do well. For instance, we can say that there has been a threat to Australian film industry, to the French film industry, to the German film industry.

“But here, India has also accommodated and welcomed cultures, be it Mughals or Buddhism. So we always have been open to adaptation — be it in culture or food.”

Refraining from sharing details about his next project, the director said: “Well I have a superstition that I don’t believe in talking about the movies I am going to take up before actually taking it up. Just like a pregnant woman doesn’t talk about her pregnancy for three months after. I am a huge believer in destiny.” (IANS)


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