Sikhs employed in aviation sector allowed to carry small ‘kirpan’ in airport

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New Delhi–┬áThe Centre has allowed Sikhs working in the aviation sector to continue carrying small sized ‘kirpan’ within the airport premises.

In Sikh religion, ‘kirpan’ or a dagger is considered a holy object.

The Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) amended its order issued on March 4 by deleting the para restricting the entry of Sikh employees inside the airport carrying ‘kirpan’ of specified size. The new order issued on March 12 restored the position prior to March 4.

As per the order, the length of the kirpan’s blade should not be more than six inches, and its total length should not exceed nine inches.

In its earlier circular, Sikh travellers on domestic flights were allowed to carry the specified length ‘kirpan’ on their body. (IANS)


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