‘The Kashmir Files’ cast says Bollywood’s silence does not matter

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New Delhi–Reacting to the silence of a normally vocal section of Bollywood on ‘The Kashmir Files’, the film’s director, Vivek Agnihotri, said: “It is not important.”

Holding back no punches, Agnihotri said: “India is changing. Old established orders are coming down and collapsing. In the movie, too, we refer to the establishment. There is a dialogue by Pallavi Joshi’s character, who says, “Hukumat kisiki bhi ho, system to hamara hai (Whosoever be at the helm, the system is ours).”

He then added: “But this is now coming to an end as the reality and truth comes out. ‘The Kashmir Files’ is a true account. The movie is about real people and their tragedy. It is not about Bollywood. People are talking.”

Anupam Kher, who plays Pushkar Nath Pandit, whose family was a victim of the violence unleashed by the militants in 1989, in ‘The Kashmir Files’, said: “It is not about Bollywood, it is about real stories. Comment or no comment doesn’t matter.”

But there have been notable exceptions.

Celebrities such as Kangana Ranaut have criticised Bollywood for its silence over ‘The Kashmir Files’. On Sunday, she took to her Instagram and wrote: “Please notice the pin-drop silence in the film industry about #thekashmirfiles. Not just content, even its business is exemplary … investment and profit proportion might be such a case study that it will be the most successful and profitable film of the year.”

Director Madhur Bhandarkar reacted to the film with four telling words: “The power of cinema.”

Akshay Kumar tweeted: “Hearing absolutely incredible things about your performance in ‘The Kashmir Files’.” The reference was to Kher’s interpretation of his tragic character. (IANS)



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