Rage Frameworks CEO Venkat Srinivasan to Present Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence Insights at EmTech Digital

Venkat Srinivasan
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DEDHAM, MA- –  Rage Frameworks, a provider of knowledge-based automation technology and services, announced that it will attend MIT Technology Review’s fourth annual West Coast Emerging Digital Technologies (EmTech Digital) Conference, which brings together innovators, entrepreneurs, business leaders and venture capitalists to examine what’s next for artificial intelligence across professional industries.

Venkat Srinivasan
Venkat Srinivasan

The event will explore the latest research on artificial intelligence techniques, including deep learning and speech and image recognition, that are providing machines with valuable new capabilities and making the automation of more business decisions possible.

Rage Frameworks’ CEO Venkat Srinivasan will present “AI in the Enterprise” at the EmTech Digital Conference, where he will outline how artificial intelligence is already impacting daily lives and the ways in which Rage’s traceable deep learning technology, RAGE AI™, is helping global financial services, consumer products and manufacturing firms overcome business problems faster than ever.

RAGE AI™ enables intelligent systems with end-to-end knowledge-based automation including contextual, traceable deep learning. Where natural language is involved, using deep linguistic parsing and proprietary linguistics-based innovations it enables the understanding of the real meaning of documents and interprets them as a human would. RAGE AI™ significantly extends the frontier of deep learning and machine intelligence from “natural language processing” to “natural language understanding.” The company and its solutions were recently profiled by MIT Technology Review in the article, “AI Gets More Real, Thanks to Contextual Deep Learning.”

RAGE AI is currently used by some of the largest banks, manufacturers, consultants, high tech firms, logistics companies and biotech firms. It is offered on a subscription basis for both pre-configured solutions and custom solutions. To learn more, visit www.rageframeworks.com to explore the Rage platform and its entire suite of intelligent automation solutions.


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