How to protect hardwood floors in winter season

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New Delhi– Winter season can cause quite a bit of damage to hardwood floors. Keep a permanent thermostat setting, follow the no shoes policy and clean frequently to protect the floors from getting damaged, says an expert.

Suresh Kumar Mansukhani, Country Manager – Indian SubContinent, Junckers – a Denmark based flooring brand, suggests how:

floor* Low humidity levels can cause wood floors to shrink leaving gaps within the wood. To protect from separation and gapping, try to keep the thermostat in your house at a consistent temperature and avoid turning your heat up and down frequently.

* Shoes and boots are the leading cause of unwanted dirt and sludge. This will help to leave unwanted slush outside. Also, ask your friends and relatives to leave their shoes at the door in order to protect your beautiful floors.

* Laying floor mats over your hardwood in high areas of foot traffic reduces the amount of damage to your flooring and reduces the chance of unwanted elements coming in contact with your floor. It’s a good idea to put runners or larger area rugs in rooms that see a lot of foot traffic, like hallways and living rooms.

* The moment you see water, slush or salt on your hardwood floors, use a soft towel to clean it up. Sweep or vacuum regularly to prevent dirt that makes it inside from scratching or dulling the floor’s finish. Use floor cleaners and wax polish. Don’t buy local made cleaners or polish. (IANS)



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