Pakistani expat repatriates mortal remains of Indian

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Abu Dhabi– A United Arab Emirates (UAE)-based Pakistani expat has won hearts for repatriating the mortal remains of an Indian construction worker whom he didnt even knew.

Chandrika from Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh, died following a heart attack in Abu Dhabi on January 16. But his body remained in a hospital in the UAE capital for nearly 10 days until Ahmad intervened, reports Gulf News.

Ahmad not only followed repatriation efforts with the Indian Embassy, he also bore all related costs.

“I did nothing out of the ordinary. As a Muslim, I am obliged to serve humanity, regardless or race, colour, religion or nationality. I just did my job,” he told Gulf News.

Ahmed came to know of the Indian man when he visited the construction company’s office in Abu Dhabi.

“I had gone there to meet a client when I heard that one of their staff had died and his body has lying in a hospital waiting to be repatriated.

“If losing a bread winner unexpectedly in another country was not heart-breaking enough, the man’s loved ones were also facing an agonising wait to carry out his funeral rites. At that moment I decided to take things in my hand,” said Ahmad.

Over the next few days, he visited the Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi several times to submit a raft of documents required for the repatriation process and also coordinated with the Chandrika’s widow Shila Devi whose thumb impression was needed on a clearance letter.

Shila Devi said she’s overwhelmed by the gesture of the Pakistani man.

“Who does this for random strangers? Zahid bhai (brother) has reinforced my faith in humanity,” the mother of three told Gulf News over the phone from Azamgarh. (IANS)


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