One can’t fake it on talent-based shows: Sonu Nigam

Sonu Nigam (Photo: Facebook)
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Mumbai– Singer Sonu Nigam, who is returning to the small screen as a judge with “Indian Idol” season nine, believes that one can’t fake it on talent-based shows.

There are many people who feel there is nothing ‘real’ on reality shows. What’s his take on that?

Sonu told IANS here: “Those are the gimmicky reality shows where yelling and shouting make you popular. One can’t fake it on talent based shows as your skills are for everyone to see.”

Sonu Nigam (Photo: Facebook)
Sonu Nigam (Photo: Facebook)

The ninth edition of the singing reality TV show brings back Anu Malik, Sonu and Farah Khan as judges.

Sonu says it’s a nostalgic moment for him to reunite with them.

“We were the original trio who started ‘Indian Idol’. It’s been 12 years now and coming back to the show with Anu and Farah feels nostalgic. The benefit of working with friends is that it doesn’t make you feel like you are working at all. We all share a great bond,” he said.

Talking about reality shows, he said: “It’s a mixed bag. There have been some great talent, and that to me is a big positive.”

“These shows have been penetrating through the interiors of our country and we have so much untapped talent. It’s a great opportunity for them. Reality shows that broaden the talent pool are the ones I prefer rather than the gimmicky ones,” he added. (IANS)


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