No gym? Don’t break your fitness trail

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By Puja Gupta

New Delhi– The closure of gyms in most of the cities till month end has put forward a challenge for fitness enthusiasts. Understanding this challenge, Reebok Master Trainer Shivoham encourages everyone to stay committed to fitness by asking them to keep working out while at home and brings to you some fitness tips that can be followed in order to not break the fitness trail:

Weekly workout routine

Day 1: Upper body strength and cardio and abs. Start with a basic dynamic stretching before every session for 5 mins.


3-4 rounds

10-12 push ups

10-12 plank position shoulder taps

15 legs up toe touches

50 mountain climbers

Ab blast:

3 rounds, 30secs each


Leg raises

Side to side twist

Day 2: lower body strength and cardio 5-10 mins dynamic stretching again.


3-4 rounds

12-15 squats

12 reverse lunges each leg

12 beach burpees

1min plank

Day 3: full body cardio and abs 5-10 mins dynamic stretching before the workout.


3-4 rounds

15 hindu push ups

10 lunge n knee drive (each leg)

20 bicycle kicks

50 skips / high knees

Ab blast:

30secs each, 3 rounds


R-side plank

Hollow hold

L-side plank

Day 4: Rest

Day 5: Upper body cardio and abs 5-10 mins stretching before the workout


3-4 rounds (40 secs work, 20 secs rest)

T-push ups

Plank position hand to oppo knee

High knees with forward punching

Legs upside to side twist

Day 6: Lower body cardio 5-10 mins dynamic stretching before the workout


3-4 rounds (40secs work, 20secs rest)

In n out squat

Lateral lunge and side kick

Jumping jacks

Sit ups

Full min rest

Day 7: Rest

Additionally, you do not need to fret if you do not have the right gym equipment as here are some of the things and measures that you can use during your workout:

Freehand: Easy to do within 8 sq.ft

Use a 20lt water bottle

Weighted gym bag / rucksack

Using the stairs

Using smaller water bottles for weights

Using a stool for step ups

Using the wall for handstand, headstands

Using the slippery marble floor for the sliding surface workouts

Use your siblings, family for partner workouts (IANS)



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