New York state comes under air quality alert amid Canadian wildfires

A firefighting plane flies above wildfires in Shellburne County, Nova Scotia, Canada, on May 31, 2023. (Nova Scotia Government/Handout via Xinhua/IANS)
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New York– The central and eastern areas of New York state will come under an air quality health advisory on Wednesday as air quality worsens amid wildfires in Canada, according to the local government.

Levels of pollution, either ozone or fine particulate matter, are expected to exceed an air quality index (AQI) value of 100, Xinhua news agency quoted the state government as saying in a statement.

The New York City government is also urging residents to limit their outdoor activities to only what is absolutely necessary, especially if they have heart or breathing problems.

According to the National Weather Service, rampant wildfires in the Canadian province of Quebec brought widespread haze and smoke to the Northeast and Great Lakes areas of the US.

Environment Canada still has smog warnings for areas north and east of Gatineau and special air quality statements for the rest of eastern Ontario and western Quebec. (IANS)


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