New England Malayalee Association Celebrates India’s Rich Cultural Diversity with the DRISHYA Arts Festival Finale on April 22

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MARLBORO, MA–The New England Malayalee Association (NEMA), a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, will present the grand finale of the six-day DRISHYA Arts Festival on April 22nd at Marlboro Middle School in Marlboro, MA. (Photos: NEMA)

NEMA has been dedicated to preserving and promoting the diverse cultural heritage of India, with a special focus on Kerala, and has provided a platform for local talent to exhibit their artistic abilities.

The DRISHYA Arts Festival, an exuberant celebration of India’s rich and varied culture, features a wide range of outstanding performances and competitions throughout the six days. It has successfully brought together artists, performers, and cultural enthusiasts from across New England to appreciate and share the depth and beauty of India’s artistic traditions.

NEMA President Cini Kannan expressed her excitement about the growth of DRISHYA and its impact, saying, “We are thrilled that DRISHYA has grown and provides a platform for artists in the US, building community and fostering social connections through these gatherings. With close to a thousand contestants, many from outside the New England area and a few flying in from the west coast, we are slowly going national. We are truly grateful for the community’s support.”

Sajith Kaimal, Head of Arts at NEMA, shared his enthusiasm about the quality of the performances, stating, “I am enthralled by the exceptional talent showcased in the festival this year and I am eagerly looking forward to the grand finale. I am thankful to the dedicated arts secretaries, committee members, and the numerous volunteers who have worked tirelessly to make this event a success.”

As NEMA approaches the highly anticipated finale day, attendees can look forward to a spectacular event that highlights the best of India’s arts, music, dance, and more. The day promises to be an unforgettable experience, celebrating the talent, passion, and cultural heritage of the Indian community in New England.

Don’t miss this extraordinary event! Reserve your tickets now at and join us in celebrating the grand finale of the DRISHYA Arts Festival. Immerse yourself in the magnificent tapestry of India’s cultural legacy and support the New England Malayalee Association’s mission to preserve and promote the diverse arts and traditions of India for future generations.


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