New children’s book introduces vaccines to kids

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By Siddhi Jain

New Delhi– To help childdren understand the world of vaccines deeper, a new children’s book ‘V for Vaccine: A One-shot Introduction to Vaccines’ by author-journalist Somini Sengupta will attempt to answer some key questions: “What is a vaccine? How is it made? Does it hurt to get a vaccine?”

Through three fun characters, Veni, Vidi and Vici, who love talking about things that start with the letter V, like vaccines, the book answers who invented the first vaccine, whether animals can get vaccines too, and other ways to build immunity and stay healthy. Readers can even create their own vaccine card.

The book is published by HarperCollins Children’s Books.

According to Tina Narang, Publisher, HarperCollins Children’s Books,”for children it’s been a year filled with many new words, starting with corona, coronavirus and Covid, and now more recently, Vaccine — the word that is on everyone’s lips if not on their arms”.

“So we are happy to announce ‘V for Vaccine: A One-Shot Introduction to Vaccines’, a book that will introduce children to the how’s and why’s of vaccines and vaccination through an easy-to-understand question and answer format. The informative text is accompanied by colourful and quirky illustrations that we hope will take the pain out of the prick even as it highlights the importance of vaccination for children.”

“Understanding how vaccines work is the first step to building confidence in science and all of its potential. This engaging and appealing book leads us through questions and answers that show how we can use vaccines to protect us,” says Indian virologist Gagandeep Kang, who is a Professor of Microbiology at Christian Medical College.

With easy-to-understand information and colourful, quirky illustrations, this book is an engaging and informative look at the importance of vaccination. (IANS)


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