Learning to stay calm & capitalise when opportunity comes: Kohli

Virat Kohli (Photo: Twitter)
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Wellington– A run out against the run of play changed the course of the fourth T20I between India and New Zealand at the Sky Stadium on Friday and winning skipper Virat Kohli said that he has now learnt the art of keeping calm. This after India won their second consecutive Super Over encounter on the international stage.

“There’s something new that I’ve learnt, that you’ve just got to stay calm in the game, observe what’s happening and if the opportunity comes then you capitalise on it,” he smiled.

Kohli went on to add that it was the perfect advertisement for the game and also said that as a team it felt really good to return from the jaws of death and register a win.

“The fans couldn’t have asked for a better finish in two consecutive games. We hadn’t played super-over before, and now we have played two back to back. It feels good when you’re out of the game and get yourself back in, it really shows the character of the team,” he pointed.

Asked about the decision to go in to bat in the Super Over, Kohli said that the earlier plan was to send in K.L. Rahul and Sanju Samson, but the plan was changed to bring in experience.

“Initially Sanju and KL were supposed to go given they can strike the ball well, but I went in because I was more experienced and in a pressure situation it was important for me to handle things. The two strikes off the first two balls were important and then I thought I’d get the ball in the gaps and get the job done,” he explained.

“I haven’t been part of a super-over for too long but happy to have got my team across.”

Commenting on the idea to give the reserve players a go, Kohli said: “I thought Sanju was fearless. This was his chance to take things away. I think Washy has played a lot, and Saini rushed the batsmen. We didn’t read the pitch well, after the first six he got carried away. Everyone looked to be in good head-space. We were playing well in the situation looking at how well the opposition played. We are very proud of how we went about our business today.” (IANS)



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