Kumar, Mehta and Motiwala to address the social issues related to medicine at the health expo

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WALTHAM, MA—Three local professionals—Kaplesh Kumar, Girish Mehta and Paresh Motiwala—will participate in a health workshop and address the social issues related to medicine at the upcoming free Mega Health & Wellness Expo on April 20 at the Burlington Marriott Hotel in Burlington, MA.

Kumar, a local attorney who recently published a paper that proposes a new approach to analyzing, treating, and managing disease, will talk about this topic.

“The talk will be structured from the perspective of the practitioner, the medical researcher, the patient, and society. I am hopeful that the proposed talk would prove beneficial to the members of our community,” Kumar said.

Kumar’s paper has received rave reviews from a number of leaders in medicine across a range of specialties, both within and outside our community.

Girish Mehta, founder and executive director of Indian Circle of Caring USA, will talk about “Health Care Proxy and a Lving Will — Presentation, Information, Education and Empowerment.” Indian Circle of Caring has undertaken a drive to inform, educate and empower the community about the need for timely and thoughtful preparation of Health Care Proxy and Living Will.

Mehta said attendees can pick up a simple to use, legally acceptable document free of charge, called “Five Wishes” from the ICC booth at the Health Expo. He said Five Wishes document allows an easy way to express one’s decisions about:

1. The person you want to make Care Decisions for you when you can’t — (Health Care Proxy)

2. The kind of Medical Treatment you want or Don’t want (Living Will)

3. How comfortable you want to be

4. How you want People to treat me

5. What you want my loved ones to know.

Paresh Motiwala, a community activist, will talk about work-life balance issues: Do you feel overwhelmed almost always? Chauffeuring your children between multiple activities during the week?

Have to work late in the office, late nights? You have no time to go to the gym, share a joke, “like” a friend’s status/pic? Are you struggling to maintain the often missing work-life balance? Does Monday morning come too soon? Does Friday evening come too late?

Motiwala, a database professional who is required to work 24/7 and still manages his time such that he can volunteer for multitudes of organizations, is possibly the best candidate to talk on the topic.

“Don’t worry, you are not alone. I’ll share with you what’s worked for me and a lot of others. Together we will tame the beast of work-life balance (or at least learn how to),” said Motiwala. “Most of our stress, resulting out of lack of time management is of our own making.”

Words from the Chair of Health & Wellness Expo:

The Health & Wellness Expo is chaired by Dr, Manju Sheth and organized by INDIA New England News. It is a free event for the community and will be held on April 20, 2014 at Burlington Marriott in Burlington, MA. Dr. Sheth is a Board certified internist at Lahey Health and President of Indian Medical Association of New England 2013. She is very dedicated to women’s causes and education of community in health related issues, especially those specific to South Asian population.

Says Dr. Sheth: “I have always felt that while treatment can be specific to a specialty of medicine, healing is a collaborative effort with all health care providers, including alternative medicine. It also involves tapping into power within ourselves which will be the focus of our talk on mind and body medicine led by Dr. Sanjiv Chopra. We are honored to bring some of the best experts in traditional medicine who will talk about common medical problems with updates in diabetes, heart disease and arthritis. The talks will be conducted by a team of excellent moderators. Our goal in this Expo is also to educate people about optimum health which again is a collaborative effort. We are pleased to bring experts in Indian diet, skin care, yoga, stress management, fitness and meditation. We have also included an important segment on dental health. We are very thankful to the community for their wholehearted support in making our first Mega Health Expo last year such a huge success and are planning to make this an yearly tradition in New England.”


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