Javed Akhtar comes under fire in Pakistan

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Lahore– A statement made by acclaimed Indian poet and writer Javed Akhtar at the Faiz Festival held in Lahore has Twitter in a frenzy and countless Pakistani celebrities have spoken up, condemning his statement.

During the festival, which went on from February 17 to 19, and days following it, various celebrities shared pictures and videos across various social media platforms sharing their excitement at being honoured by Akhtar’s presence at the event, Geo News reported.

However, jubilations soon soured as a video clip of the Indian poet’s speech went viral on social media.

In the video, Akthar can be seen accusing Pakistan of allowing the attackers of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks “roam free” in the country.

The prolific Indian writer, while addressing a session at the festival said: “I am from Bombay (Mumbai) and I saw the attack on my city. The attackers were neither from Norway nor Eypgt. Those attackers are still roaming around your country. Therefore, if an Indian has any grievance in their heart, you should not be offended,” Geo News reported.

As the video went viral, numerous Pakistani celebrities spoke up about the accusation and condemned the implications.

Arsalan Naseer, a YouTube content creator and actor, too condemned this statement, saying in his trademark cheeky way: “How can you say something like that sitting in a hall full of Pakistanis?”

“Maybe India should make a movie on him now, titled ‘jaanbaz likhaari (fealess writer).”

A Twitter user echoed this sentiment, saying: “Who should be held accountable for disgracing Faiz Festival? Hosts? The no so honourable Guest or the audience? I’m actually disappointed by the audience who applauded for him.”

Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) leader Sharmila Faruqui too berated Akhtar for his “controversial” remarks, adding that the songwriter should be been asked to return, Geo News reported. (IANS)


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