Internet skincare tricks you should never attempt at home

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New Delhi– The Internet is a wealth of information, but when it comes to skincare and beauty, you shouldn’t believe everything you see on blogs and in videos. Weird beauty and skincare hacks abound online, and the majority of them do more harm than good. Shreedha Singh, Co-Founder of T.A.C – The Ayurveda Co. shares some viral skincare and beauty hacks that you should avoid at all costs-

Applying toothpaste on pimples

Sure, the ingredients like baking soda and peroxide may help to dry out pimples. However, it is possible that it will leave the area sensitive, irritated, and prone to further eruptions.

Toothpaste is not made in a way that is safe for use on the skin. They’re just too harsh. Toothpaste will upset the pH balance of your skin, causing further irritation and, in some cases, acne and skin peeling. Toothpaste and skin are not meant to be together. As a result, it should only be used and stored for the purpose of brushing your teeth.

Melting blackheads

A few Internet tricks recommend applying petroleum jelly to your skin and covering it with a heated towel or plastic sheet to open the pores and make blackhead removal easier. Let us dissect this myth. First and foremost, squeezing blackheads at home is not advised. You must exercise extreme caution because it may cause inflammation and scarring. Furthermore, if your skin is prone to blackheads or acne, using copious amounts of petroleum jelly, which may further clog your pores, is not a good idea.

Deodorant in place of primer

Deodorant is fantastic for your underarms but hideous for your face. Despite what some beauty bloggers claim, deodorant contains skin-irritating ingredients such as aluminium salts and perfumes. Antiperspirants should be avoided as well because they cause acne by clogging your sweat ducts with aluminium.

Using petroleum jelly to grow lashes

Long lashes are always fashionable, but using petroleum jelly to make them grow longer is a bad idea. Petroleum jelly is a byproduct of oil refining, which is extremely damaging to the environment; additionally, this beauty hack can cause milia, which are tiny cysts under the eyes. Furthermore, petroleum jelly may be carcinogenic. Although the carcinogenic components of oil are removed during the refining process to create the jelly, it’s difficult to know for certain if it’s truly safe.

Glue treatment for blackheads

People have been using this unsettling hack to clean their nasal pores, which involves mixing regular school glue with activated charcoal powder. Aside from the accelerated effect when combined with charcoal, the glue contains several components that could potentially dry out and injure the skin. Get nose strips instead of this crazy hack.

Act wisely and avoid being influenced by others, as your skin is sensitive and requires extra care. Make sure not to try any of the viral hacks listed above. There are many fantastic hacks available on the Internet, but before you try anything, give it some thought and conduct proper research to avoid future risks. (IANS)



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