Increase life of your silks in simple ways

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New Delhi– Preserve your silk saris by wrapping them in a cotton cloth and keep changing the fold of the silk clothing to avoid permanent wrinkles, for increasing its longevity, suggests an expert.

Here are some tips to preserve your silk as new as ever, as suggested by Udyan Singh, founder, Banka Silk, a handloom brand from Bihar that is working towards the upliftment of the artisans of Banka district in the state.

Silk* Cotton wrap: Always wrap the sari in a cotton cloth to keep the charm alive and never hang them in metal hangers. Keep every sari separately in separate covers.

* Sunlight: Silk is considered as a piece of art, so don’t let the saris feel left out. Always take those out at regular intervals and put them in sunlight. This will preserve the colour and shine.

* Changing fold: We should rejoice every single second of the efforts that have been taken in developing each weave by the weaver, so keep changing the folds of the sari; do not keep heavily ironed saris hanging in the cupboard.

* Protection: Use neem leaves to keep away the bugs. It is better than using naphthalene balls. Always air dry the saris after you wear them to avoid any kind of smell. Dry cleaning is the safest way to clean your silk.



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