Holi, the online couple way

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New Delhi– Holi is the time for friends, family and loved ones to come together, let go of our pasts and start new relationships. And when it comes to online dating, what better opportunity than to celebrate the festival together? Applying a tint of colour on your partners face while dancing to Bollywood songs and drinking lassi infused with bhaang is the ultimate way to get closer and now that the lockdown is not restricting us anymore, why not do it?

QuackQuack, a dating app conducted a survey to understand the different ways online couples choose to infuse their love with the multitude of colours this festival has to offer and here are the insights to it:

Travelling to meet their partner: The pangs of love are strong all year round but they especially get stronger when it is time to celebrate. The survey revealed that 55 per cent of male users between the age of 25-35 will choose to go to another city or even another state to meet their date and celebrate Holi with them. Whereas 43 per cent of female users would do the same. The feeling of being face to face with your partner when the air is infused with excitement and fervour cannot be replaced by a call, no matter how much we advance with technology. Moreover, when you have an excuse to see your partner, why not grab the opportunity?

Sending cards and chocolates: Taking the traditional route, 1 in 3 that is 33.3 per cent of female users in the age group of 27-36 have sent their lovers sweets or chocolates with a short letter or card attached to it for as they are unable to be there in person. Men, on the other hand, prefer to send clothes or accessories for their beloved. The survey indicated that 22 per cent of men in the same age group sent their partners either a suit to wear or sunglasses and watches. A tiny fraction, 12 per cent of them also thought that jewellery such as earrings or necklaces would be a suitable gift. When you cannot see your partner, sending them a reminder so that they think of you or a gift that they can keep forever is a method that is bound to succeed.

Video calling them: Quite a lot of users, almost 25 per cent of them would video call their partners to wish them a Happy Holi. When you live far away and it is not always possible to send them a gift, a video call is your best bet. That way, you can see your lover and have the feeling of being close to them. The survey says that both male and female users in the age group of 22-37 (15 per cent of male users and 10 per cent of female users) have decided to call and have a face to face chat with their partner and their family.

Some users also thought of doing an audio call instead of a video one. “I am just too shy to talk face to face with my partner, we are yet to achieve that milestone as a couple,” said one of the users.

Being untraditional is trendy: A slightly different perspective, unlike your usual Holi celebrations, some couples have decided to bond over distributing food to the needy and going to orphanages and old age homes to celebrate Holi. For some, it is important that their potential partner have the same sympathy and empathy for the ones who are unable to celebrate Holi like us. 32 per cent of female users in the age group of 22-32 would like to meet their lovers to offer food and gifts and celebrate Holi with the underprivileged while 27 per cent of male users in the same age group would like to do the same. If your partner is in the same city and you both have the chance to meet new people, why not do it?

Organising a party at home: For those who love partying and cannot get enough of it, the celebration is a good way to meet your lover. 34 per cent of both male and female users admit that organising an afternoon Holi party and inviting your lover along with your friends is a tried and tested method to meet them if your family is still not updated with your dating life. It is a sneaky way to meet them in front of everyone. Alcohol, music and celebration is a combination that will definitely bring you two closer! (IANS)


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