Friends Raise Over $400,000 for the Family of Vishwachand Kolla Who Was Killed in a Freak Accident at Boston’s Logan Airport

Vishwachand Kolla Family (Photo: GoFundMe)
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BOSTON—Friends have raised over $400,000 for the family of Vishwachand Kolla, who was killed in a freak accident at Boston’ Logan International Airport.

As of 8:30 am Monday morning, the campaign through GoFundMe had raised $406,622. The GoFundMe fundraising campaign was launched by Priya and Girish Hanchinamani. To donate, please click here.

“It is with great sadness that we share that our beloved Vishwa is no more – snatched by a freak accident that shortened his beautiful life prematurely leaving behind a loving wife and 2 adorable kids,” Hanchinamanis said in the Go Fund Me campaign. “Vishwa was an integral part of Lexington and the Greater Boston Community. He was a gentle spiritual soul, a great teacher, mentor, innovator, and leader. His departure has left a void among the community particularly youth whom he nurtured through personality development programs. He was a philanthropist who gave a lot and led a minimalistic lifestyle. He selflessly volunteered countless hours for his community. He was an amazing son, brother, brother-in-law and a great friend to young minds. He was a lighthouse of knowledge and right living lighting the way for so many. Above all, he was a doting dad and a loving husband.”

“He was his usual self this Monday evening after work and getting into his beautiful volunteering/seva-bhav when he went to pick up a visiting musician from the airport traveling to Boston and unexpectedly was struck by a bus that ended his life instantly. His last moments in this life were spent doing what he loved to do helping everyone in need. He believes and lives in Service to Mankind is Service to Divinity.

He is survived by his Spouse Soujanya, who is now a Single Mom and a Masters Student; and two incredible boys – Madhav, a 2nd grader and Dhruva, a 9th grader.

We request your consideration in supporting his family’s needs who have been suddenly left with no bread-winner and hit with unexpected expenses. We hope your donation will provide much-needed funds and sustain this family’s needs while also creating a nest egg for the education of Vishwa’s boys through college whom we firmly believe will give back to the community following their dad’s footsteps.

We seek your prayers, support and blessings.

Priya and Girish Hanchinamani.”


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