Femina’s March issue puts the spotlight on real women

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New Delhi– Femina, a women’s magazine, pays tribute to women in its March issue. The magazine salutes the spirit of real women who defy stereotypes and choose to be in control of their lives, bodies and stories every day.

The cover depicts ten inspiring and empowering women who reflect the Indian women of today. Because every story is important. Every single story is true.

Deepak Lamba, CEO — Worldwide Media, said at the launch of the March issue, “Women have always set the standard for self-acceptance, self-love and inner beauty.”

“Femina’s March issue features ten extraordinary women, each with their own unique take on what it means to be a woman. This is yet another step in Femina’s ongoing effort to highlight and normalise the notion that beauty extends beyond the conventional imagery conformed by society.”

“This issue is dedicated to the women we all know, as well as the un-airbrushed reality we inhabit,” says Ambika Muttoo, Editor-in-Chief — Femina.

“As a woman, I understand the struggles and challenges we face along the way as we take control of our own stories. Femina has always been and continues to be a part of the evolving female narrative.”

The March issue of Femina includes heartfelt messages from real women from all walks of life. They discuss what it means to be a woman and how they are the physical manifestation of power. (IANS)


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