Craving a burger? Bite into a plant-based meat patty

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New Delhi– Burgrill India, becomes the first homegrown QSR Chain to introduce plant-based meat burgers for their patrons in India. The offering is set to revolutionize the consumption pattern of the non-veg fast-food industry overall.

The Green Meat Pounder co-created by Burgrill India and Greenest Foods will be at par with animal-based meat on the nutritional level and holistically even better for our environment. The plant-based patty ingredients consist of isolated soy protein, chickpea protein and a blend of plant-based fibres, and much more to replicate its aroma and taste of chicken.

Shreh Madan, Co-Founder and Head of Marketing, Burgrill India, says, “We are thrilled to finally introduce the Green Meat Pounder for our patrons. We are extremely confident about our latest offering; we have been dedicatedly working on this launch for over a year now. From finding the right ingredients to the perfect tenderness and juiciness to our patty that can be grilled to perfection for our audiences. We have tried various versions of the plant-based meat patty before we finalized this one specially curated according to our needs and demands by Greenest Foods. Since our inception, we have been working towards introducing a signature pounder for our vegetarian consumers, and today I feel immensely proud to announce the launch of The Green Meat Pounder. Healthy, scrumptious, and at par with any non-veg burgers in terms of taste and flavours i.e. in sync with our signature dishes. In keeping with our core philosophy of serving fresh, wholesome, and most importantly healthy options the green meat patty will be grilled to perfection for each order. With the launch of The Green Meat Pounder, we wanted to cater to an audience i.e. fast-growing and eco-conscious. We are taking the dine-in and delivery experience of enjoying gourmet like healthy burgers a notch higher. Needless to say, the price points will be economical and the taste will be at par with other signature pounders on the menu.”

Gaurav Sharma, CEO, Greenest Foods, expresses his views, “We are excited to bring the plant-based meat experience to patrons of Burgrill. The Green Meat Pounder is India’s first plant-based chicken burger which vegetarians and non-vegetarians can enjoy alike. Not only does it perfectly replicate the taste, juiciness, and texture of a chicken burger but is also significantly healthier for our planet and its people in comparison to conventional meat burgers. Besides, The Green Meat Pounder is priced on par with its chicken counterpart so as to help people make the switch from a meat-heavy to a plant-based diet easier.”

Varun Deshpande, Managing Director, Good Food Institute India, says, “Plant-based meats are at the forefront of a smart protein transformation globally, and this launch by Burgrill and GREENEST is an exciting indication of the category’s potential in India. Providing delicious, innovative options for meat-craving consumers will usher in a new era of ‘eating for the planet’ by making a simple switch — an urgent imperative as we race to push back on climate change and public health crises. That influential food brands like Burgrill are leading the charge in bringing plant-based meats to Indian consumers is a further sign of confidence in the sector, and that’s a major win for people and planet.” (IANS)



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