Cheapest five-star room in Pune, most expensive is Florence

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Pune– Historic, academic and cultural destination Pune, in Maharashtra, has emerged as the city offering the best deal on luxurious five-star accommodation at an average price of Rs.7,602 per night.

PuneFlorence, in Italy, proved the most expensive place for Indians who paid an average of Rs.33,734 for a night’s stay, said a new survey report of 2015, released here on Wednesday.

The Hotels.Com’s Hotel Price Index (HPI) listed the Pink City of Jaipur in Rajasthan next to Pune with an average five-star room deal of Rs.7,844 followed by Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian capital, ranking third at Rs.8,114 per night.

Chennai stood fourth with Rs.8,686 and Hyderabad fifth at Rs.8,701 per night, in the HPI report on hotel prices paid at major destinations around the world.

Other Indian cities, which featured on the study offering best five-star hotel deals, included Kolkata at Rs.8,727, Bengaluru at Rs.9,173, New Delhi at Rs.9,610, Vietnam’s largest city Ho Chi Minh ranking ninth in the list at average deals of Rs.9,700, and Mumbai at Rs.9791 per night stay.

Among the HPI report of top 10 cities worldwide where Indians coughed out most while booking five-star hotel rooms in 2015, Florence, Italy topped the list at Rs.33,734 per night, followed by Tokyo at Rs.32,102.

London, which topped the list in 2014, fell to the third slot at Rs.31,750, followed by New York at Rs.28,373 for a night in five-star luxury.

Other cities which made it to the list include Venice at Rs.26,698, Milan at Rs.24,311, Rome at Rs.23,754 and Paris at Rs.21,997, Hong Kong at Rs.21,916 and Barcelona at Rs.20,263 where Indians paid most for enjoying five-star comforts.

With four cities — Florence, Venice, Milan and Rome — figuring in the list, Italy proved to be the most expensive in terms of five-star accommodation deals for Indian travellers.

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