Boston Health-tech Entrepreneurs Reacquire, Revamp and Relaunch Skyscape

Sandeep Shah
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MARLBOROUGH, MA— After reacquiring Skyscape, entrepreneurs Sandeep Shah and Kartik Shah have revamped the company, added new products and have turned it into a leading provider of decision-making tools for the healthcare community.

“Our mission is to provide secure medical information and tools to help make critical decisions at the point-of-care and between healthcare providers and patients,” said Sandeep Shah, who had pioneered the mobile health technology when he founded Skyscape in 2000 and later successfully sold it to a private equity-backed firm. “When the opportunity presented itself, we bought back the company, relaunched it with the familiar Skyscape brand. And now with our modernized our mobile and cloud technology, we are supporting the decision support at the point of care.”

Sandeep Shah

Skyscape today provides a mobile medical library platform with free and premium medical content.  Our established user-base can choose from over 400 popular and trusted medical textbooks and publications, including test preparation content, aggregated through partnerships with world’s leading publishers and medical societies. Skyscape’s continuously aggregated and updated portfolio, along with its patented SmartLinkTM and CloudLinkTM offering enables our healthcare professionals network to make quick and confident clinical decisions.

“Our professional audience appreciate the freedom to spend more time with their patients, rather than searching for answers,” Shah added. “As a part of our focus on bringing innovative solutions to the market through our R&D and our commitment to our health professionals network, we are about to launch a new, ground-breaking real-time communication platform to transfer and access highly sensitive medical information.”

Apart from finding the correct therapeutic answers to a given problem, a clinician is constantly confronted with a need to send patient- and care-specific information via the modalities like text, dictations, images, reports, EKGs, videos and more.  As an important milestone of its relaunch, Skyscape plans to announce a HIPAA-secure platform that simplifies real-time and on-the-go communications between healthcare providers. It will streamline the healthcare professionals workflow by replacing the multiple modes of communication such as phones, faxes, pagers.”

Headquartered in Marlborough, MA, Skyscape Medpresso, Inc. is a premier mobile technology pioneer, with a robust technology platform to support innovative and secure medical information and tools to help make critical decisions and communicate with other healthcare providers and patients in real-time in a HIPAA-secure fashion, both at the point-of-care as well as being remote.


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