Anju Pathak on Bridal Beauty, Makeup and Some Tips for Spring

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WALTHAM, MA-Bridal Beauty by Anju Pathak has been serving the New England community for many years. Pathak provides bridal hair, makeup, air-brush and saree styling, among other fashion related services.

INDIA New England News interviewed her online about her business and some tips for beauty this spring and summer. Here are the excerpts from the interview:

anju pathakINDIA New England News: How did you get started as a cosmetologist?

Anju Pathak: I have always had an interest in fashion and beauty.  Being in the wedding industry herself, my daughter saw an unfulfilled need where brides and families really needed a professional to help with saree draping and styling.  I started off very casually doing pinning and saree styling for brides, bridesmaids and mother-of-the-bride.  As time went on, people also began to ask if I could offer hair & makeup services.  I finally decided to pursue it seriously, and went back to school to become a certified cosmetologist.

INE: What are some of your tips for make up in spring season coming up?

AP: Spring is traditionally a season that embraces warmth, fresh air and bright colors.  Keep the same attitude in mind for your makeup.  Keep your foundation light, and try to add a flush of color by brightening up cheeks. Trade in your deeper brown-based hues, like mauve, for pinks and corals.  And if you’re brave enough, embrace bold and bright colors like emerald for eyes.

INE: How do you choose make up for Indian skin?

AP: The most important part with any skin tone is to match your base / foundation perfectly.  Begin by concealing dark circles around the eyes and any scars, spots or marks on the face. A well concealed, prepped face serves as a great canvas for whatever makeup you’re planning to do! A simple liquid concealer should be used to clean up the dark spots under your eyes and hide any imperfections.  The great thing about the Indian skin tone, is that we carry color very well.  Bright, bold colors always look great on Indian skin, so don’t be shy when playing with colors.   On darker skin tones, the combination of green and blue eyeliners mixed with black looks really good.

INE: What are some of your specialties?

AP: I primarily work with Indian brides, bridesmaids and other ladies of the wedding party.  I also do quite a bit of editorial work for fashion, TV and magazines.

INE: What do the brides request the most?

AP: No matter what, most brides always say the want to look and feel like themselves on the big day!  While we can certainly work magic with makeup, the goal is always to make sure the brides feels most beautiful inside and out.

INE: Some memorable events, people that you have done make up for?

AP: In addition to many weddings, I’ve also had the pleasure of doing hair & makeup for the contestants of Top Chef Season 6 (Boston).  This was pretty exciting!!  I’ve also worked on many corporate photo shoots for companies like General Electric and Home Goods.  It’s always fun to do something unique and outside the realm of weddings.


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