Air India asks Delhi Police about delay in action against Gaikwad

Ravindra Gaikwad
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New Delhi–National passenger carrier Air India has requested the Delhi Police to hasten its inquiry over the airline’s complaint against Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad, who had assaulted one of the airline’s staffer.

According to sources in Air India, the slow progress of the case — which occurred nearly a month ago — has affected the morale of the airline’s employees, leading to a “loss of faith” in the rule of law.

“Our CMD (Chairman and Managing Director) had written a letter to the Commissioner of Police of Delhi two days back (April 18),” the Air India source said.

Ravindra Gaikwad

“… the letter mentioned that AI’s complaint about the recent assault by the Shiv Sena MP has been converted into a FIR and that all of AI’s employees have been called in for questioning and that the police have also taken the CCTV footage.”

The source added: “Unfortunately, the MP against whom the complaint has been lodged has neither been called for questioning nor any action taken against him. Because of the slow progress of the case, the morale of employees is getting down and they are losing faith in the rule of law.”

The source said the letter was “hand-delivered” to the office of the Commissioner of Police, Delhi.

On March 23, the flag carrier had placed a ban on flying Shiv Sena MP Gaikwad aboard its planes, after he assaulted a senior manager of AI.

Following the ban by AI, other private air passenger carriers also imposed a similar restriction on the Shiv Sena MP. However, the ban was subsequently lifted on advise of the Civil Aviation Ministry after Gaikwad expressed “regrets” in the Lok Sabha over the March 23 incident.

He, however, refused to apologise to the Air India senior manager whom he admitted he had assaulted. (IANS)



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