AIF Goes High Tech, to Use Artumanity Auction App for its New England Gala Fundraising

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BOSTON, MA – America India Foundation, which promotes social and economic change in India and is hosting its annual New England Fundraising Gala on March 31, is going high tech and for the first time will use a mobile auction app to auction art work. The AIF Gala’s theme for 2018 is Connect: Connect with a cause, Connect with ideas, Connect with the community.

“We are excited to leverage the Artumanity Auction App and connect with the AIF supporters in advance of the March 31st gala” said Kim Shah, gala co-chair.  “Art auction has been a cornerstone of the New England gala for over a decade and now we have opened the auction to everyone so they can start bidding for their favorite artwork using their mobile phones.”

Artumanity is a social enterprise platform that brings together artists, art lovers and charities to create a better world.

“Every winning bid shall support AIF causes in addition to enabling artists to pursue their creative careers,” said Santhana Krishnan, founder of Artumanity. “Also the art work is going to put a smile on the bid winner every time they see it knowing their action changed lives making it a win-win for all involved.”

Anyone can bid online via the mobile Artumanity Art Auction App.

  • The list of 100 unique art works can be seen on the website or can download a catalog
  • In order to bid on any of these art works, you will need to download the Artumanity Auction app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  • 25 of the art works in the auction shall be displayed at the gala – these are marked in the listing as “on display at the gala”
  • Online Art Auction begins 9 am March 23rd and ends at 5 pm March 31st. The bidding for the 25 art works displayed at the gala shall continue using bid sheets until 6:30 pm March 31st

Artumanity has curated an online auction comprising of 100 works of art from artists across South East Asia.  The Artumanity auction for AIF shall feature some of the top emerging artists as well as some established Indian artists like KM Adimoolam, Laxman Aelay, Dhiraj Choudhury, Achuthan Kudallur, N.S. Manohar, Manjiri More, Mark Rathinaraj, Subramanian G., Rajkumar Sthabathy, Anuradha Thakur.

Founded in 2001, AIF is a private, non-profit, non-governmental organization catalyzing social and economic change in India. AIF’s impact to date stands at contributing to the betterment of over 3.7 million lives from across the 24 states of India, making high-impact interventions in education, livelihoods, public health, and leadership development. The organisation has raised more than $118 million to help create opportunities for India’s citizens. It identifies NGOs that offers services in its interest areas. AIF works with an astounding 293 NGO partners. For more information visit

Artumanity is a social enterprise platform that brings together artists, art lovers and charities using art as a means to support the cause of arts, education, children, women’s empowerment and veterans. The organisation has so far promoted 75 exceptional and upcoming artists, catered to an online traffic of 250,000 art lovers generating over $300,000 in donations, providing education and meals for children, empowering women by creating livelihood, healthcare for mothers and new-borns, shelter and vocational training for veterans. For more information visit




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