Project Metamorphosis: A free 21-day wellness workshop starts on March 26

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By Ajay and Sneh Jaisingh

(Editor’s note: This health informational piece is written by Project Metamorphosis co-founders Ajay and Sneh Jaisingh about a free 21-day wellness workshop that is scheduled to start on March 26. This article is for informational pusposes only. For any medical issues, please consult your physician.)

Project Metamorphosis aims to transform your health and life. Our company has been conducting both free and paid wellness workshops with communities, small groups and in corporate set-ups for quite some time now and we have witnessed how nutrition and simple lifestyle changes can make a profound impact on one’s life.

When we first initiated our workshops, about 5 years ago, we had 15 participants. Since then, our community of health enthusiasts has grown exponentially. We’re experiencing a global shift where people are waking up to the fact that our lifestyle and our food choices determine our overall health and happiness in life.

With growing awareness in the field of health and nutrition, there’s an overwhelming influx of new information. New diets pop up every day, new superfoods and new trends which often leave people confused, overwhelmed and sometimes misled. The intention of this 21-day program is to demystify and simplify the path to a healthier you.

They say that necessity is the mother of all inventions. Our own desire to live in a healthier and happier community has led us to create Project Metamorphosis.

Our Mission

On a grander scale, our mission is to create healthy, happy and spiritually aware communities where:

  • People are aware enough to make the right food and lifestyle choices
  • People are able to manage their health without being “dependent” on medications
  • People are able to heal themselves on all levels
  • Surviving is replaced by living
  • Relationships lead to fulfillment instead of bondage
  • Scarcity is replaced by Abundance
  • Fear and Hatred is replaced by Love and Compassion
  • Ubuntu is the natural way of living

If we must sum it all up in one sentence, our mission is to spread awareness.

What is the format of the program?

The program is designed to manage stress on the following levels:

  1. Physical – Consume foods that nourish the body instead of taxing it, incorporate invigorating physical activities
  2. Mental – Reduce mental chatter and unnecessary “noise” to allow you to process better
  3. Emotional – Nurture and experience positive emotions through meditation
  4. Spiritual – Work on the three levels listed above to pave your way towards spiritual fulfillment.

We have created a program guide which consist of list of foods to be included and foods to be avoided, a shopping list and also a sample weekly menu to help members get started. We have included some physical exercise challenges along with mediation experiences. We will be walking along side with the participants through this journey. Plus, the support of a community of health enthusiasts.

When does Project Metamorphosis kick off?

The project commences on March 26th and ends on April 15th

Where would it be conducted?

It’s a virtual set-up we will be conducting this via a closed Facebook group. That way people from around the globe can participate.

What is expected from the participants?

The only thing we ask participants to commit is to give their 100% to the program.

How can one be part of this project?

We have 240 health enthusiasts registered for this program so far. Those who wish to learn more about the program can find all pertinent information with a link to register, on our website or you can request to join our group “Project Metamorphosis” on our Facebook page NutriAge (


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