With 200 paintings, Reshma Thomas empathises with LGBTs

Reshma Thomas
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By Sanu George

Thiruvananthapuram– Reshma Thomas is working for a doctorate on health issues relating to LGBTs and has over 200 paintings – out of an oeuvre of 500 – on the community because she believes that expression through art speaks louder than words and can passionately influence society.

Reshma-painting-s“Art is an extension of the view towards life and struggle by the weaker sections of society. I try to express the emotions through my paintings and that’s why, ever since I started to study this community, a huge majority of the 200 paintings was done on them,” the self-taught Thomas, 27, who has staged quite a few exhibitions portraying the LGBT community, told IANS.

She also believes art in its pure form can influence culture and society at large and one reason why she decided to choose this topic for her paintings is her strong interest in humanity.

“As part of my (Ph D) thesis, I was able to understand this community very closely and the way society treats them. Thus, through my works, I decided to address their issues,” said Thomas, adding she will continue to do so till this community receives from society PLUs (people like us) do.

Explaining how she puts her thoughts on canvas, she said: “When someone near me starts laughing, I also smile without knowing why they laughed. When I see someone passing through pain, I also feel the same pain. It may go on till I feel like I can do something about it. Some images strike me about an incident and the image then gets transferred to the canvas,” Thomas added.

Even though she is yet to explore the business angle of her paintings, she said she sells her work so that one feels it is valuable and it is going to be seen by many more people.

And when asked where she sees herself in a decade from now, she said she wants to spread awareness through her art by associating with international agencies. (IANS)


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