‘1982 – A Love Marriage’ release put on hold


Mumbai–The release of family comedy “1982 – A Love Marriage”, which was initially slated for March 11, has been temporarily stalled due to creative differences between the producers and the distributors.

The film has been produced by the Shuddh Paarivarik Chalchitra banner and was earlier being distributed by 18th Media Ventures.

1982-Love Marriage-2“We are extremely disheartened to announce that Shuddh Paarivarik Chalchitra and 18th Media Ventures have parted ways as a result of creative differences,” Amitkumar Sharma, who also played the lead of the film and is also the producer of the film, said in a statement.

“We wish all the very best to 18th Media Ventures for their future endeavours. Also due to some unavoidable circumstances as of now, the release of the film ‘1982 – A Love Marriage’ has been put on hold. With all good wishes and sincerity, we will release the film soon,” he added.

The two parties have also formally terminated their partnership by issuing a No Objection Certificate (NOC) to the producers to release the film on the basis of certain conditions such as both the parties bearing the losses, etc.

Distributor Swarndeep Vishwakarma said: “We are disappointed that the film suffered because of the differences between us, but the matter was handled in a very mature and professional manner. We have formally conducted the process and we wish the producers all the best for the release of the film.”

Directed by Prashant M. Gorey, “1982 – A Love Marriage” is an entertaining story about love marriages and arranged marriages. The film also stars Omna Harjani.


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