Young girl sexually assaulted, killed, dumped in Islamabad public washroom

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Islamabad– In a tragic and shocking incident, a body of a young girl was found dumped in a washroom of a non-functional metro bus station in Islamabad’s G-11 sector.

The police officials confirmed that the victim was sexually assaulted and then strangled to death, a claim that is yet to be established and ascertained after the autopsy report comes out.

As per details, a passer-by, who called the local police station, after he spotted the body.

Officials said that the age of the girl was between 11 to 13 years. However, her identity and the cause of death is yet to be determined.

So far, no clue has been found from police records of any report about a missing girl, while authorities have also been unable to find any clue to the girl’s identification or around the metro station.

“It seems that the girl was sexually assaulted and murdered somewhere else and her body was brought to the station and dumped in the washroom,” a police official said.

“The incident might have taken place on Sunday night and the body was dumped in the metro bus station early on Monday,” the official added.

Moreover, the autopsy of the body was conducted at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), while samples were handed over to the police for chemical examination.

“A final opinion and report will be given after receiving the chemical examiner’s report from Lahore,” said an official of PIMS.

The case has triggered fear among the residents of Islamabad, which is considered to be the safest and most secure city in the country.

Locals are raising serious questions over the capital’s administration and are demanding immediate arrest of culprits, speedy trial and punishment. (IANS)



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