Would love to make a Hindi film, says Rima Das

Rima Das (Photo: Twitter)
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Mumbai– Filmmaker Rima Das, who is overjoyed as her Assamese film “Village Rockstars” has been chosen as India’s official entry to the Academy Award’s best foreign language film category, says she would love to make a Hindi film.

Rima spoke to the media here on Wednesday.

Asked if she is keen to direct a Bollywood film, Das said: “I came here in Mumbai to become an actor, but destiny had some different plans for me. I have been living here since the last couple of years and somewhere I feel I know Bombay (Mumbai) now, so I would like to make a movie where I know the people, place and culture.

“As far as making an entry in Bollywood is concerned, I would love to make film in Hindi. I also like music in films because I feel music is an integral part of Indian films, so why not? I would love to incorporate music in my films as well.”

Set in Das’ own village of Chhaygaon in Assam, “Village Rockstars” is the story of “poor but amazing children” who live a fun-filled life.

What made her make a film like this?

“It’s a very independent film. I started the shooting of this film in 2013 and it took me almost four years to shoot it. When I was doing post-production of my first film ‘Man with the Binoculars: Antardrishti’, during that time, I met some amazing children from my village.

“I saw them performing in a local gathering with fake instruments. I was amazed and inspired to see them. They didn’t have resources but still they were celebrating life, so I didn’t want to lose an opportunity to make a film on those children. With ‘Village Rockstars’, I tried to present a universal human emotion and I am very happy that it has touched hearts of people all around the world.”

The film won the best feature film award, best editing award and best child actor award at the National Film Awards.

Das, a self-taught filmmaker, says she was “speechless” when her movie was announced as India’s Oscar entry this year.

“It’s a huge recognition for us. India is a huge country and there are so many films releasing every year and there are many films which compete with each other to get the official Oscar entry from the country.

“I shot this film without any crew and cast of the film wasn’t trained in acting, so the process to make this film was hard and challenging, but I think it is possible if you have belief in yourself.”

The film stars Bhanita Das and Manabendra Das in lead roles. (IANS)


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