Mary Kom named brand ambassador of Tribes India

Mary Kom (Photo: Twitter)
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New Delhi– The Ministry of Tribal Affairs on Thursday launched the “Punch Tantra” collection to promote tribal artifacts and named world boxing champion Mary Kom as the brand ambassador of “Tribes India” — an initiative to promote tribal artifacts.

The Punch Tantra range of tribal artifacts promoted by the Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India (TRIFED) includes handlooms and handicrafts which will be promoted by Kom, as per a release.

During the launch function she said such initiatives would bring great change in the lives of the tribal people, socially and economically.

Tribal Affairs Minister Jual Oram said that the probable potential of TRIFED was much more than many other public sector units and if utilized properly, it may become a game changer in the Indian economy.

The TRIFED had invited the top 200 artisans and producers to the function as part of its initiative to promote tribal entrepreneurship and generate livelihood opportunities.

“Besides, a team of 60 young entrepreneurs from Dantewada, Chhattisgarh was also present,” the release said. (IANS)


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