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By IANSlife Features

New Delhi–  Fratelli wines has introduced its latest offering from its formidable range of Indian wines, TILT – crisp. easy. delish. Fratelli Vineyards in Sholapur, Maharashtra is Indias largest privately owned wine estate with 240 acres combined of a conducive terroir and climate, several pioneering international grape varieties, and master winemaker Piero Masis Tuscan wine expertise.

The vineyard celebrates the most remarkable quality of entrepreneurship and product scope in India, with a truly international flavour.Fratelli – Italian for brothers – stands for a �fellowship of the grape.’ Three families and three sets of brothers, from different countries, are united by a shared vision – to transform the way India understands, embraces, and savours the taste of great wine.

It’s latest launch, TiLT, celebrates the sights, sounds, the scents, of a kaleidoscopic urban life, catering to the urban millennial and Generation Z, it introduces TiLT – Wine in a Can for every mood. Not only is it handy and delicious, but it’s also vegan and gluten-free. This wine is presented in a 250 ml. eco-sensitive cans that are shielded from light and air.

This is a great option for some me-time at the end of a long day in three variants, red, white, bubbly ros�, and bubbly (250 ml) at affordable prices of Rs 175 to Rs 200 per can (basis region and state).

It is fresh and fragrant with a touch of spice, bitterness, or sweet, that’s invigorating enough, without being overwhelming; Piero Masi’s wine making technique is minimalist in its approach, to help capture that magic.

Late Kapil Sekhri, co founder and�the force behind Fratelli was driven with passion to create new benchmarks for the Indian wine industry. It was his idea to speed track the launch of TiLT with a wish to contribute to resolve the crisis that dawned upon local farmers in this pandemic of 2020. Said that, “Fratelli represents a new India which wants to produce a product based purely on excellence and the faith that India can deliver the best from its soil.”

The sophistication of wine comes easy in a can, letting you enjoy the most delicious of your favourite variants. There is a TiLT for every mood. Wine is best enjoyed if it can flow to the rhythms of your life, and TiLT can help you savour �casual-laidback-luxe,’ anytime that you can”. (IANS)



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