What’s the one kind of song Kumar Sanu won’t sing with his daughter?

Kumar Sanu
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New Delhi– Popular singer Kumar Sanu’s daughter Shannon K has followed in his footsteps and the proud father is happy about her career choice. However, he isn’t keen on going behind the microphone to record a romantic song with his daughter.

Kumar Sanu and Shannon came together for a non-film song titled “It’s magical” last year. Asked if he will be doing more songs with her, Kumar Sanu told IANS: “We had done ‘It’s magical’. I had sung in Hindi and she had sung in English. I don’t want to sing romantic songs with her. We have a relationship of a father and a daughter, so it’s better we sing romatic songs with other singers.”

“She has sung with Sonu Nigam and Shaan. She also sang for a Himesh Reshammiya movie and Ekta Kapoor’s movie,” he added about his daughter, who started her musical journey in the US in 2018 with the song “A long time”.

His young daughter is still trying to make it big in the music industry, while Sanu is a name that is essential in Bollywood music, especially when you talk of nineties music.

Talking about contemporary music, the “Tujhe dekha toh yeh jaana sanam” hitmaker shared: “When it comes to melody, nowadays the basic Indian music is missing a bit. There is an attempt to bring in a westernised flavour, and people are getting success to some extent, too.”

He isn’t too happy about new-gen composers “playing around with” the Indian melody or trying to “Americanise or westernise” songs. He feels such songs will not have long shelf life.

Recreations, on the other hand, is something that he gives a thumbs up to.

“The new generation gets to know about a lovely song or a fun song they didn’t know about (through recreations). They got to know through Ranveer Singh about a song originally sung by Kumar Sanu,” he said, referring to the recreated version of his 1996 hit song “Aankh maarey” in “Simmba”, picturised on Ranveer and Sara Ali Khan.

“It is good for us, too. We shouldn’t take it in a wrong way,” he added.

The singer was recently in the Capital for the second edition of Kumar Sanu awards.

“These awards are to encourage people. There is a fundraiser, too. We have a school called Kumar Sanu Vidya Niketan, so it is not about just watching a show. They (the guests and people involved in the awards) are contributing indirectly and supporting us to run the school. I don’t have an NGO. Some people are attached with me who help us and they think about underprivileged kids. We provide education to kids till the fifth class,” he said.

“I feel that education is the main problem, and not poverty. If you are educated, you can earn or do anything you want to,” he added. (IANS)



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