“Welcome Back Zindagi” Musical Event Postponed to November as Lexington Imposes Indoor Masks

Praveen Misra (Photo: Facebook)
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LEXINGTON, MA– Organizers of the “Welcome Back Zindagi” musical event, which had hoped to celebrate life returning to normal after months of lockdown, postponed the in-person event as town of Lexington imposed mandatory indoor masks for large events.

The event was scheduled for Sept. 18 at the Scottish Rite Masonic Museum in Lexington, MA.

Praveen Misra, one of the key organizers of the event, said that although Scottish Rite Masonic Museum was okay with hosting the event but with the condition that all attendees wear mandatory mask inside the auditorium. In the context, it was better to postpone the event.

“We decided to move to November as there can be risk to community if we do it now and cost of risk is too high and not worth taking a risk,” said Mr. Misra.

Organizers had lined up several local singers such as Anuradha Palakurthi, Raghu Saranathan, Valentino Almeida, Sankar Gangaikondan, Rajeev Gangurde, Ashu Patel and Suzana Naik.

“We know it’s a bit disappointing for everyone as we all  were doing rehearsals /preparations for the show, but we know it’s in the  best interest of our  community to move this event to November,” Mr. Misra said. “We hope community will appreciate this decision.”

The organizing team will announce the new date soon. In addition to Mr. Misra, other organizing team members are: Harish Dang and Bipin Parikh. Other players are: Sound: Sanjay Jain; Social Media: Manisha Jain; and Creative Input: Prashanth Palakurthi. The event is supported by Palakurthi Foundation and Juju Productions.


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