Tulsi Kumar, Millind Gaba to come up with a new song

Tulsi Kumar
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Mumbai– Singers Tulsi Kumar and Millind Gaba are all set to come up with a song together.

Tiled “Naam”, the number is written by Jaani while Arvindr Khaira has directed the music video, in which Tulsi plays the cello and performs contemporary dance.

“This song has a grand music production with a wide string section, cello portions and various other instruments so it is a musically rich track. I play a girl who is inclined towards music and plays the cello. I took lessons to play the instrument, from understanding how to hold this grand instrument, to playing it in a basic way. The video also has a chunk of contemporary dance and while I’m not a trained dancer, I always leaned towards it and loved to learn,” Tulsi said.

She added: “When we decided to include a contemporary dance section for this particular video, I trained with a choreographer for a few days as this form of dance has certain techniques like lifts and turns involved.”

“Naam” will be out on July 27. (IANS)



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