TiE Boston takes top honors at TiE Global Awards

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BOSTONTiE Boston Angels, the investment and funding program of TiE Boston, was awarded the ‘2019 Best Angels Program’ at the TiE Global Awards held last month in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The TiE Global Awards is held each year during the TiE Retreat and celebrates the excellence and efforts of TiE Chapters around the world in fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship through its various programs. The Angel group from TiE Boston was among the nominees for its remarkable deal sourcing and the connection fostered between investors and founders.

Vivek Soni

“I was thrilled to learn that we had won this award. Our investors are genuinely interested in helping make early-stage entrepreneurs successful through their investments and advice,” said Vivek Soni, Managing Director of TiE Boston Angels. “We appreciate our members’ help in deal sourcing and due diligence as well as engagement with the companies post-investment.”

Mr. Soni said that TiE Boston Angels is always looking for great entrepreneurs raising early-stage rounds and for new investor members who can help make these companies successful.

“I would also like to thank Praveen Tailam for his able leadership of the group in the early days and his encouragement and support,” said Mr. Soni. “This recognition encourages us to do better and garner greater visibility in the community. It is a team effort, and I am happy to accept this award on behalf of everyone at TiE Boston.”

Since its founding in 2011, TiE Boston Angels have invested $13.5 Million in 33 companies representing sectors such as technology, healthcare and clean tech. The group meets six times a year and attendance is only by invitation. The group syndicates deals with local and national angel groups as well.

TiE Boston Angels’ recent investments include: Adeo, Aluna, Avant Garde Health, Blustream, Cellanyx, Cimcon Lighting, Cohealo, Connect M, Diesel Labs, eCareVault, Electra Vehicles, EnergySage, FairMarkIt, KnipBio, Mightier, Novolux, ViralGains, Wevo, Wyebot, and Zippity.

Sam Desai

‘We were ecstatic to receive the award and have our families with us up on stage to collect it,” said Sam Desai, Past TiE Boston President and Founder and CEO of Aditi, Inc. “The TiE Boston Angels program was a first of its kind across the TiE chapters and since its inception, it has stayed true to its mission of investing in innovative startup companies that can make a difference to society.”

What is remarkable is the robust and mature process that the TiE Boston Angels program has in place when screening for new investors and inviting only those who are passionate and seasoned practitioners thereby adding value to the community, added Mr. Desai.

“This, I believe, is the cornerstone of this achievement because it creates a sense of community wherein members often continue as advisors to startups long after the investment process is over. I hope this motivates more members to invest and step up to become mentors to the community,” Mr. Desai said.

Gaugarin Oliver

Gaugarin Oliver, Past TiE Boston President and Chairman/CEO of CapeStart Inc., was also present at the award ceremony.

“It was a dazzling awards night with the city of Dubrovnik serving as an exotic backdrop. We were pleasantly surprised to win the award but what made it even more memorable was to receive it in the presence of our families,” said Mr. Oliver. “I would like to give credit to all the investors for being genuinely interested in helping make early stage entrepreneurs successful, through their investments and advice.”

The Annual TiE Global Charter Member (CM) Retreat is exclusively for charter members. This year the TiE Global Retreat was held in July in Dubrovnik, Croatia. In the past, the awards have been held in Prague, Czech Republic in 2018 and Cape Town, South Africa in 2017.

With this award, TiE Boston Angels joins TiE Boston’s other programs like the TiE Young Entrepreneurs program and TiE ScaleUp to have won TiE Global awards in recent years.

If you would like to get involved in TiE Boston Angels please contact Vivek Soni at vivek@boston.tie.org. Also, should you like to know more about membership opportunities at TiE Boston, please contact Sanjeet Chowdhury at sanjeet@boston.tie.org.


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