Street artist Man Mauji, Wicked Bros come together to create 50-foot graffiti of Badshah’s hit ‘Voodoo’

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Mumbai– On World Music Day, a beautiful amalgamation of art and music can be seen in the 50-foot graffiti of Badshah and J Balvin’s Voodoo’ in the Mumbai neighbourhood of Lal Baug.

Graffiti artists of Wicked Broz (a community of graffiti artists in Mumbai) and Man Mauji, a street artist from Delhi have worked together to make this amazing piece of creativity to celebrate the collaboration between rapper Badshah and Latinx icon, J Balvin for the track ‘Voodoo’.

Around 4 artists have worked together tirelessly in the heat of summers to complete it in about 8 days. The 5-floor building had no elevator and all equipment, scaffolding, platform, lift and paints had to be carried by hand to the terrace.

But the residents of the building, Sadanand Niwas, were extremely helpful and supportive.

Well, it is really a great surprise and tribute to Badshah and J Balvin and their hit track ‘Voodoo’. The track is available in Hindi, Spanish and English. (IANS)


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