Dating beyond binary

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New Delhi– To encourage the conversation about how people identify and express their gender, dating app, Tinder, launches, a guide and dictionary developed in collaboration with Gaysi Family. The dating app was the first dating platform in 2016 to allow users to express themselves in ways other than binary.

This dynamic, living guide and dictionary were created with a wide collection of participants from the LGBTQIA+ community, taking inspiration from the Tinder app’s 50+ gender identities and 9 sexual orientations.

Sakshi Juneja, Co-Founder, of Gaysi Family said, “The way we understand and experience gender is evolving and the only way to stay abreast of it is to keep having these conversations. Not just within the community but in wider social spaces, because it also shapes our relationships – both intimate and otherwise, how we navigate consent, and how we are able to access resources and institutions such as marriage. And it’s important that brands like Tinder, who have a considerable influence and presence in society, support the creation of such spaces to engender and create an environment that’s inclusive where such expressions can be freely explored.”

“Let’s Talk Gender is a long-term commitment for us that deepens our support for the Indian LGBTQIA+ community and encourages inclusive conversations in the dating ecosystem. This living glossary, developed by experts, provides a more personal understanding of identity and brings us closer to having a world where everyone is able to have complete autonomy over their choices and self-expression, values which Tinder holds close,” adds Aahana Dhar, Director of Communications India, Tinder. discusses what the binary is, why it is restricting, the necessity and use of pronouns, and what a partner’s queerness implies for someone dating them, as well as providing solutions to frequently asked concerns and curiosities. The microsite evolves into a lexicon of gender identities and descriptors based on lived experiences by members of the community as one navigates through it. These identities, as visible on the Tinder app, are made up of a variety of umbrella words, some of which are fluid, while others refer to a mix of gender identities. (IANS)


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