SRK claims he is not a superstar but a king

Shah Rukh Khan
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Mumbai– Shah Rukh Khan claims he is not a superstar but a king! The actor who is often referred to as Bollywood’s “Badshah” was at his sarcastic best while interacting with fans on Twitter in an online session titled “#asksrk” session on Monday.

A user tweeted to Shah Rukh Khan hinting that perhaps the superstar should retire now. The tweet reads: “Decline is inevitable in a life cycle. When/how do u know its right time to change careers/call quits if u are a superstar?? #asksrk”

To this, SRK replied: “Wouldn’t know….try asking a superstar. I am just a King unfortunately.”

The actor also revealed how he is using the lockdown period to spend quality time with his three kids. Responding to a fan asking how he is spending the lockdown period, Shah Rukh replied: “Inspite of contributing to the population boom, having three kids to be with is a treat. They r in all shapes and sizes, so the day goes by being with them each for a couple of hours. Then spend rest of the day cleaning up their toys!”

SRK also shared the lesson this ongoing pandemic has taught him. Replying to a fan, he tweeted: “That we all need to slow down a bit. Look and feel life and nature a bit more than just seeking instant gratification 24/7.”

He also uttered words of prayer for the world to tide over the pandemic soon. “Hope we overcome the virus…faster than the number of movies I have done. Insha Allah”

Shah Rukh concluded Monday’s session with a message for his fans on how to battle the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Thank you all for #AskSrk Need to get back to doing nothing. Please stay at home. Physical distancing. Hygiene. And respect all who r doing amazing work on ground. Just Love a lot more and do nothing…because ‘Jo kuch nahi karte woh kamaal karte hain,” he wrote. (IANS)


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