Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to Start Happiness Tour in Eight US Cities, Including Boston

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Sri-Sri-Ravi ShankarBOSTON—Spiritual guru and the Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar will start his Happiness Tour 2016 in eight US cities, including Boston, in June. Ravi Shankar along with Art of Living teachers will conduct Get Happy, a two-day immersive experience in Sudarshan Kriya and meditation in all eight US cities. He will visit Boston June 25-26.

“After 30 years, this will be the first time that Sudarshan Kriya and Meditation will be taught in his presence,” said Dhanashree Ramachandran, a volunteer, teacher and a spokesperson for Art of Living in Boston. “It is a once in a life time opportunity to meditate in his presence and with such a large number of people.”

Sudarshan Kriya incorporates specific natural rhythms of the breath which harmonize the body, mind and emotions. This unique breathing technique eliminates stress, fatigue and negative emotions such as anger, frustration and depression, leaving you calm yet energized, focused yet relaxed, according to the Art of Living Foundation.

Dhananshree Ramachandran
Dhanashree Ramachandran

“Researchers have found that breath is the link between the mind and the body – each emotion has a distinct breathing pattern. The reverse is also true, that breathing in a particular pattern can induce a corresponding emotion,” according to the foundation. “Through Sudarshan Kriya one can learn to skillfully use the breath to change the way one feels, hence releasing negative emotions that cause stress, such as anger, anxiety, depression and worry, leaving the mind completely happy, relaxed, and energized.”

Get Happy is the latest in the series of programs offered by the Art of Living foundation. It delivers the opportunity to learn powerful breathing and mediation practices as part of this enlightening two-day event.

Ravi Shankar will launch this program as part of inaugural Happiness Tour 2016 spanning across eight major cities in the United States.  Here is the schedule of his US tour:

Washington, D.C. Metro : June 24-25, 2016

Boston, MA   : June 25-26, 2016

Columbus, OH  : June 27-28, 2016

Minnesota, MN  : June 29-30, 2016

SF Bay Area, CA  : July 2, 2016

Portland, OR   : July 5-6, 2016

Seattle, WA   : July 7-8, 2016

Los Angeles, CA  : July 9-11, 2016

Ramachandran said the Boston event will be held at Track and Tennis Center of Boston University located at 100 Ashford Street in Boston. The fee per attendee for two days is $90.

“About 2,000 people are expected to attend the Boston sessions,” Ramachandran said.

The Art of Living foundation has eight centers in Massachusetts and about 5,000 followers, Ramachandran said.

Operating in over 150 countries, The Art of Living Foundation is a non-profit, educational and humanitarian organization founded in 1981 by Ravi Shankar. All of the foundation’s programs are guided by Ravi Shankar’s philosophy: “Unless we have a stress-free mind and a violence-free society, we cannot achieve world peace.”


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