South Asian Showdown Competition 2023 Winner DFD Academy Will be the Featured Dance Troupe at the Woman of the Year Gala

Devika Dhawan
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BOSTON– DFD Academy, which this year won South Asian Showdown Competition, will be the featured dance troupe at the Woman of the Year Awards gala on Friday at Burlington Marriott Hotel in Burlington, MA.

DFD Academy will celebrate the many sides of a woman through both folk and modern Bollywood dance styles.

“From the dynamic nature of their movements to the power of their expressions this piece will show you exactly what DFD means when they say, “Don’t Just Move. Speak,” said DFD Academy founder and director Devika Dhawan.

The dance will be performed by Pari Amin, and their Travel Team dancers, Isha Mehta, Shreya Patel, Tvisha Bansal, and Sanchita Swamy.

DFD Academy this won the top prize this year in the South Asian Showdown competition, which puts the best teams from the Fusion and Bollywood/ Hindi-film genre together.

DFD Academy offers training in Bollywood fusion dance, blending Eastern and Western genres to create something stylistically unique and universally relevant for youth classes, adult classes, weddings, events, and workshops.


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