Sonal Chauhan was originally meant to sing with Arjun Kanungo

Sonal Chauhan (Photo: Twitter)
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New Delhi– Actress Sonal Chauhan’s music video “Fursat hai aaj bhi” with singer Arjun Kanungo is out now. She says the original plan was for her to sing with Arjun rather than just appear in the video.

The romantic single celebrates the timelessness and strength of love, especially in the face of adversities.

“‘Fursat hai aaj bhi’ is a beautiful song, and I must mention that there was absolutely no plan that Arjun and I had of working together, though we always got a lot of messages from our fans about this. My social media pages would be full of messages from fans saying how they liked our chemistry in ‘Fursat’ (2016 song), and that we should do something together again,” Sonal told IANS.

“The original plan was for me to sing with Arjun because he had asked me if I wanted to sing after hearing me sing somewhere, and I told him I would love to. But due to the lockdown, we had no way of recording the song,” she added.

Then he suggested that they should try doing a lockdown music video, where he would shoot in his house and she would shoot in hers.

“I was on board, so I asked him to send me the song. After just hearing the first four lines, I paused the song and called him and said that I wanted to be a part of it, that’s how beautiful the song was, and I could tell after listening to just four lines,” said Sonal.

She finds the song extremely relatable.

“I think that a lot of people, especially in today’s time will be able to relate to it. It is very romantic, it makes you reminisce about happy memories, and it also makes you realise how worthless it is to waste time and energy being upset with your loved ones. Now that the song has released, I am overwhelmed with love I have been receiving on my social media,” she said.

This is the second time the two have worked together.

“In between, we were not really in touch due to our busy schedules. It was very strange because when we started talking again, we realised that we didn’t know much about each other. He is such a kind soul and it was fantastic experience to work with him again,” said Sonal.

“I think in the future, Arjun and I may do a singing collaboration as well, hopefully if all goes as planned,” she added.

The experience of shooting at home was very different for her.

“Ever since I entered the industry, for every project I have worked on, there have been different people handling different departments. But for this video, everything was done by just me and my sister Himani. Of course we had the director and DOP on a video call. But my sister and I managed all the rest on our own. I did my hair, make-up and styling, my sister did all the camera work, she helped with everything else too. It was a very different experience, one I will always cherish because we shot this song when the whole world was under lockdown. I definitely think this will go down in history,” said the “Jannat” actress.

One challenge she did face.

“The sun Gods did not look favourably upon us. On the days that we were shooting, it was overcast, dark and gloomy, on those couple of days it was just constantly raining. It was a big challenge, though there wasn’t anything that could be done. But it was a great experience all in all,” she said.

Apart from shooting at their own homes, Sonal and Arjun had also shot together a small portion of the video with a few people helping them. (IANS)


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