Six Out of Eight Indian American Candidates Win in Local Lexington Elections

Dinesh Patel
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LEXINGTON, MA– Six out of eight Indian Americans who ran for the local elections in the town of Lexington, MA have won; and two lost in an election that saw a heavy turnout because of the primaries.

With the six wins, there will be 21 Indian American Town Meeting Members in Lexington this year: They are: Anil Ahuja, Sandhya Beebee, Hemaben Bhatt, Shailesh Chandra, Ajay Joseph, Aneesha Karody, Vikas Kinger, Rina Kodendera, Ravish Kumar, Vineeta Kumar, Samita Mandelia, Sanjay Padaki, Rita Pandey, Dilip Patel, Dinesh Patel, Jayanthi Rangan, Syed Rizvi, Deepika Sawhney, Umesh Shelat, Amit Srivastava, and Vinita Verma.

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If all the candidates would have won in the election, which was held on March 3, there would have been  a total 23 Indian American Town Meeting Members of Lexington.

Currently, the total number of Town Meeting Members in Lexington is 189. The population of Lexington as of 2018 was 33,792.

“The voter turnout was tremendous at 53%, as this coincided with the Primaries,” said Mr. Ahuja, a Town Meeting Member.

The two Indian Americans lost. Jyotsna Kakullavarupu received 511 votes and lost by only 27 votes. Sudhir Ranjan received 429 votes and lost by 41 votes.

Here is the list of winners with the number of votes they received:

Jayanthi Rangan – write-in candidate won with 28 votes.

Vineeta Kumar: 558.

Rita Pandey – write-in candidate won with 51 votes.

Dinesh Patel: 639.

Rina Kodendera: 546.

Samita Mandelia: 565.

Umesh Shelat: 514.

Shailesh Chandra: 661.



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