Six Indian Americans Make to the Boston Business Journal’s 25 Under 25 List of Young Achievers

Pooja Chandrashekar
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BOSTON—Three Indian Americans have made to the list of the Boston Business Journal’s 25 Under 25 young achievers in the Boston area.

They are: Abhishek Balakrishnan, 23; Pooja Chandrashekar, 22; Rohan Kapur, 18; Anjali Palepu, 16; Priten Shah, 24; and Nikin Tharan, 21.

Abhishek Balakrishnan is Chief Executive Officer at IDEA: Northeastern University’s venture accelerator. At NU, Balakrishnan is a senior and wants to work in an accelerator.

Pooja Chandrashekar is founder of ProjectCSGirls. She is a first year Harvard Medical School student. She is working to instil a love for technology in girls.

Rohan Kapoor is founder of Myxtape. He is a senior at St. Mark’s School in Southborough, MA and the founder of Myxtape, a music data company.

Anjali Palepu is co-founder of Pinpoint Donation, She is a junior at the Winsor School. Pinpoint Donation connects donors with charities to make the act of donating easier.

Priten Shah is CEO at United 4 Social Change and Co-founder of DryErase Ventures.

Nikin Tharan is CEO of Medsix, a medical device start-up that is revolutionizing patients’ postoperative recovery.



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